Over Treatment

When I graduated from dental school a survey came out that said the public trusted dentists more than any other profession, including physicians and even clergy. That kind of confidence in dentists was even more remarkable because so much that needs attention in the mouth is so small and hard for patients to see. In addition much of what dentists do is preventive or proactive.
In the last decade I have seen the public's confidence in dentists erode. Patients now come in for a "second opinion" because their "new" dentist found so much work to be done. "I just can't see why I suddenly need so much work when I have so recently been under the care of a dentist that seemed conscientious and qualified," they complain.
In today's dental marketplace there is more reason than ever to find a dentist you can trust. Beyond trust, one needs to find a dentist who puts forth the effort to determine what you want and need. It is all too true that the high cost of dental education and equipment, staff salaries, rent etc... may tilt the practitioner to the "Over Treatment" of patients to help pay these expenses.  On the other hand with so many modern advances, there are a great variety of options in treatment; many wonderful, but expensive, cosmetic alternatives are available today.
I believe the solution to getting the right treatment lies in thoughtful communication. We not only welcome but  encourage questions. No patient should ever have treatment they don't understand and consequently desire.