Dr. Donald Call
Dr. Don Call has been a dentist in Sunnyvale since 1967.  He feels strongly about maintaining the integrity of his profession and has taken an active role in addressing the dental needs of our community. 

Dr. Call has also devoted his energies in keeping abreast of the latest developments in dental technology and procedures.  He is excited about the choices they offer today's patients. 

Presently, he serves as chair of Santa Clara County Dental Society's (SCCDS) Ad Hoc Committee to get area water fluoridated, and also chairs the SCCDS Ethics Committee.  He served as SCCDS president in 2004, and has for many years represented the SCCDS as a delegate to the California Dental Association

He represented area dentists in a presentation to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission in favor of water fluoridation and has represented area dentists on the Silicon Valley Oral Health Collaborative since it's inception.

Through the years, he has volunteered dentistry to the underserved at San Martin and Franklin McKinley clinics and in the "Save Our Kids Smiles, Dentist With A Heart" and sealant programs.  This Spring, he participated in "CDA Cares" at the San Jose Convention Center along with hundreds of other dentists, hygieneists and assistants. 

In 2006, he was named "Volunteer of the Year" by the Salvation Army for service given to men in their addiction recovery program.  He continues to serve and enjoys working with this group.  Because of his activities with the Salvation Army, several local judges have sought Dr. Call's help in developing a similar volunteer program for patients in desperate need of dental care as referred by the Family Court and Drug Court in Santa Clara County.  Now, besides directly doing dentistry on needy patients, he spends additional time coordinating the efforts of dozens of other volunteer dentists to help meet this great need.

He received his D.D.S from San Francisco College of Physicians (now University of Pacific).  In 1994, he was awarded an M.A. at UOP dental school. 

Dr. Call and his wife, Sheila, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  They are the parents of six sons and two daughters and enjoy them as adults even more than when they were young; however, the best part is the 25 grandchildren with which they have been blessed.  Four of the grandchildren live in South Carolina, eleven in Utah and six in Colorado.  They feel especially fortunate to have four grandchildren living in the Bay Area.